The motivation – an essential element for success in life


The motivation – the essential element of psychic activity and of the personality development.

Whereas it is the beginning of the week, I thought it would be advisable to start it in force, through a motivational article.

And what could be more recommended, than an article about motivation, an item, in the opinion of the experts, essential for success in life?

But, what is it after all?

According to most existing definitions, the motivation represents all reasons (conscious or not) that cause someone to perform a particular action or to strive for certain purposes.

Therefore, it is the first chronologically element of any work, its internal cause.

Also, it contributes through the repetition of some activities and of the avoidance of others, in the formation and in the strengthening of certain traits of personality. The motivational system components are numerous and vary as the origin.

But the human motivation, includes reasons, interests, beliefs, intentions, desires, aspirations. The forces that motivate us develops very early in life, often completely unconscious.

In general, there are two main kinds: external and internal.

The external ones occur when there is a reward or a punishment. In the case of the internal ones, we are the ones who manage the entire process, in particular when we have an objective and which nobody forces us to achieve it.

We can see that motivation is more internal than external, because the value of a result depends on mostly of ourselves, of the way in which we choose to act.

How would you define it?

Regardless of the answer provided to this question, I would like that you to know, that a concrete definition is less important in this case.

The most important is the way in which we interpret the motivation, the way in which we act and the manner in which we allow it to influence our actions.

Therefore, we can notice that the motivation is an essential element for success in life, through the prism of the way in which we develop a specific action.

Get involved actively in the actions that you undertake, leaving you guided by the internal motivation.

Choose the motivation – choose the success in life!