Monaco attractions – the fascinating destination of absolute luxury.

When you need to talk about the absolute luxury, the list of tourist destinations characterized by this is not at all short.

Today, I decided to stop on one a little bit smaller, but full of charm and beauties, respectively Monaco.

This is the little country positioned between the Maritime Alps, with output to the Mediterranean Sea, very close to the famous Riviere – French and Italian.

Monaco is a tourist attraction which amazes through its beauty, through the city of Monte Carlo, a subdivision of the principality of Monaco, through its unique tourist sights and not only.

Monaco is divided into four areas: Old Town, Monaco-Ville, Condamine, Fontvieille and Monte Carlo.

Its economy is based mainly on tourism, more exactly on one of the luxury.

The casinos, the hotels, the yachts, the restaurants, the clubs exceed any imagination in terms of prices, but also in terms of elegance and good taste

There are numerous reasons for which you must include the Principality of Monaco in your itinerary. First of all because here you can find almost anything.

From the Princely Palace at the route of the Formula 1, from the famous yachts at the most famous casino, from the most luxurious hotels at the best restaurants and so on.

Going on the streets, you can admire the most extravagant cars, you can eat a special food in one of the most exclusive restaurants.

You can also wander through the shops of the biggest brands in the world.

Fascinating and brilliant, synonymous with the pomp and the elegance, Monaco has gained over time its fame of being one of the most attractive international destinations.

Thanks to this fame gained on justly, the Principality of Monaco attracts annually the tourists through its indisputable charm.

In addition to those specified, the main tourist attractions of Monaco are its four areas mentioned above:

  • Monaco-Ville (or the old town) is located in the center of the Principality
  • Monte Carlo, known for its nightlife and gambling
  • Fontvieille, the newest area of the Principality
  • Condamine, the center of the port and of business of Monaco

Monaco attractions – a princely fascinating destination which should not be missed.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to visit Monaco, the Principality which shines with the same intensity and beauty in any season of the year.