Minsk tourist attractions the capital and at the same time the largest city in Belarus.

For today I thought to introduce you to a European city less promoted, namely, Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Even if the promotion is completely lacking, this does not diminish its significance and the beauty of the tourist attractions that represent it.

Through today’s article, I want to introduce you the main Minsk tourist attractions and the reason why a holiday in this beautiful city will be unique. Minsk is one of the least visited capital cities in Europe by western tourists. But this thing will make the visit here much more entertaining.

Minsk is a city truly beautiful, both during the summer when it hosts a lot of street cafes, as well as during the other three seasons with very interesting sights.

The persons interested in culture can look forward to seeing the representations of ballet and of opera from Minsk. More than that, the city has a lot of restaurants, pubs and night clubs.

These being said, I would like to present you a list of the most interesting and most visited Minsk tourist attractions.

Thus, these are:

  • The National Museum of History and Culture of Belarus. A museum that will take you on a journey into the troubled history of the nation.
  • Minsk National Art Museum. This museum is a very interesting place. Here you will find the largest collections of Belarussian art.
  • Minsk Tears Island. At the end of the bridge near the old city, there is a memorial of the Afghanistan war, called the Tears Island.
  • Dudutki. Near to Dudutki, 40 km south of Minsk, there is a museum where the rural life of Belarus of the nineteenth century, returns to life.
  • Minsk City Hall building. A new city hall was built in 2003 using photos and old drawings to recreate the original destroyed.
  • Minsk KGB building – The neoclassical yellow building that occupies a whole block, will definitely surprise you.
  • The Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk. The Baroque Cathedral with two twin towers, built in 1642, rises confidently on a small hill.
  • The Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Minsk. This small church was built in 1847 in the old Orthodox style, with a tower with an octagonal bell, above the entrance.
  • The church of Saint Aleksandr Nevsky. Built in 1898, it was closed by the Bolsheviks, reopened by the Nazis, closed by the Soviets, at present being open again.

Minsk tourist attractions – the metropolis on the banks of the Svislach and Nyamiha rivers!

Therefore, please do not hesitate to take with assault these tourist attractions in Minsk when you get the chance.

In conclusion, Minsk has a special beauty and energy of which its inhabitants enjoy every day.

Why do not you take advantage of it just for a few days?