Mexico, the country of Mayan civilization

country of Mayan civilization
country of Mayan civilization

Today, I propose you a new destination, Mexico country of Mayan civilization, with its capital at Mexico City, a country in North America.

Traveling involve travel, guidance, knowledge, discovery, and development.

The world is so vast, the universe so unbounded, and the possibilities of traveling so varied.

It borders with the United States of America to the North, with Guatemala and Belize to the South.

It is the northernmost country in Latin America and the most populated country of the Spanish-speakers in the world.

It is also one of the most revered destinations in the world.

Mexico has a rich culture, attractions, and famous events.

This country can provide everything necessary for tourists regardless of age or preferences.

The Mexican events amaze the tourists because the good will of Mexicans is contagious.

Tourists who want to participate at the famous festivals must opt for the carnivals that are organized in several cities.

Those who really want to know the Mexican culture should visit the country when it organizes the feast of Corpus Christi, this time of the year being ideal.

On the occasion of this celebration is honored Jesus’ body and you can see the traditional dances and music.

Mexico ranks among the most visited countries in the world.

A trip to the country of Mayan civilization involves the viewing of some breathtaking landscapes, made up of long beaches and white sand, mountains, volcanoes, bays, caves, rivers and canons.

Another reason is the heritage of Mayan and Aztec cultures, consisting of temples, monuments, buildings and pyramids.

Also, you will know everything about the country’s gastronomy, tasting also the traditional drink, tequila.

Another special attraction is the fact that tourists can participate at the various annual events, knowing thus better the country’s culture.

Among the most important tourist destinations in Mexico stood: The Metropolitan Cathedral, The National Palace and The boulevard Paseo de la Reforma, from the country’s capital, The Copper Canyon, The City of San Miguel de Allende, The Basilica of Guadalupe from Ciudad de Mexico, Los Cabos, the place where the sea and the desert meet, offering a wonderful view etc.

Therefore, Mexico is a place of mystery, a country where traditions are respected, and the old and the new, combine in a fascinating way.

There would be so many things to said and written about Mexico, but I stop here, allowing you to discover all the other attractions and to write me the impressions offered by them.

Love life, traveling in the discovery of Mexico.

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