The year of mercy – 2015

Mercy Year
Mercy Year

Mercy Jubilee or the mercy year, one of the most important events of the pontificate of Pope Francis was opened yesterday, December 8, 2015, in Rome.

Pope Francis announced an extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy, between December 8, 2015, when it celebrates the Immaculate Conception, and November 20, 2016, when it celebrates Christ the King.

The inauguration also marks the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council of 1965, which changed and opened the church to modernity.

Mercy, which means the will of God to save those who repent and enable a renewal is the central teaching of the pope.

The world needs to discover that God is the Father and the cruelty and conviction will not lead anywhere.

“This is a time of mercy. It is important that the lay faithful to live and to transmit it in various social contexts. Go forward! “Says Pope Francis.

Therefore our dear readers, I invite you to be better and to live this period at maximum intensity, according to the desire of Pope Francis.

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