To Malta, the country between waters

Malta Travel 2015

In few rows, I would like to introduce you today a new European destination, a Malta travel the country between waters, a small insular country in southern Europe.

Malta, with its capital at Valletta is an archipelago in the Central Mediterranean Sea, being located at approximately 93 km south of Sicily, Italy and 288 km north of Tunisia.

With an area of 316 km2, Malta is one of the smallest countries of the world.

I invite you to visit Malta, a country unique through its elements, where tradition combines perfectly with modernity.

With Malta travel you will find:

  • A special culinary art, a combination of Mediterranean style with Arabian influences; Do not hesitate to taste the rabbit stew;
  • The history of Christianity defenders;
  • Souvenir shops specific to Malta;
  • Gozo island, the owner of some of the oldest constructions in the world;
  • The capital Valletta, a city that is on the list of UN protection, known also as the Superbissima and which include several palaces, museums, churches, cathedrals etc.

These and many other attractions will delight you certainly, determining you to return anytime with pleasure in Malta, this seemingly insignificant country, but with a unique potential.

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