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January 26, 2015
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Discovering the city of love – Paris

Love City

Who wants to visit Paris the Love City?

If we were to take into account the sequence of events that took place here in the last period, it is likely that most answers will be negative.

But we mustn’t be influenced by these events, which are indeed a danger sometimes, we should let ourselves be guided by the desire of a real traveller.

I invite you to discover together the city of lights, city of love, the perfect destination for your honeymoon.

Paris is the capital of France, as well as one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe.

About 30 million tourists visit Paris every year.

Paris holds the most famous Museum in the world, Louvre, Sorbonne University, being also known as the world capital of fashion.

From the economic point of view, Paris is the biggest tourist center and transport of France and the most important port of the river Seine.

The city’s climate belongs to maritime warm temperate area and is suitable for tourists who want to visit Paris, in almost any time of year.

In the Love City the most important attractions are:

  • Eiffel Tower, Paris symbol, built in the 1889 year, for the commemoration of 100 years of the French Revolution, and represents the highest structure of France, 300m;
  • Notre Dame Cathedral, built in the 13th century, is the most famous Gothic monument and assisted crowning of Napoleon, as Emperor of France;
  • Invalides, erected in honor of war veterans;
  • The Louvre Museum, Orsay and Pompidou Center;
  • Champs-Elysee, the most well-known street in Paris and Arch of Triumph raised to commemorate Napoleon victories;
  • Versailles Palace, located on the outskirts of Paris.

In order to determine to get in the journey to the city of lights, I presented some of the main reasons why you must do this.

Otherwise, I will continue to persuade, through other argumentative articles.

In conclusion, discover a new star, discover Paris, and place it in the most favorable place to benefit of a maximum brightness in your life.

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