Love changes everything

Love changes everything
Love changes everything

Love changes everything because only love is the noblest feeling.

I decided to start this week in force, being guided by an expression that I have on my mind of few days.

The expression that I decided to share with you today is that love changes everything.

It is not easy to edit articles about love because love itself is a feeling much too deeply to be explained in words.

However, I will try to make an effort in order to be able to share you my own point of view.

But first of all, I would like to address you few short questions, but extremely deep.

Have you ever been in a more complicated situation in whom you realized that only love can save the concerned situation?

Have you ever noticed that love is the only feeling that really ennobles our soul?

Have you ever really loved?

I invite you to give yourself an individual answer to each of these questions, to know yourself better and to understand yourself better.

Returning to the effort that I have promised that I will do in order to share my own point of view, I would like to say you the following.

I am a person just like you all, with accomplishments and disappointments in love, but a person who has not ceased to believe in the magic of this feeling.

A person with expectations, but also a person who offers incessantly in the hope of a better future.

A person who continues to believe that love change, that love really is able to change your life so much, that you may not recognize yourself sometimes.

This is me.

Yes, I am me, when I love 🙂

It is hard to believe how much can change us a feeling seemingly banal, but more deeply than any other.

Do you not believe me?

Try 🙂

These being said, I wish you a new week full of achievements in all fields, in which to make time to love, in which to observe how love changes everything in your life.

You have no idea, how much energy you will gain.

Love and you will become more beautiful, more energetic, more positive!

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