Love and gratitude – two elements that are in a relationship of permanent subordination.

Why I want to point out in this way, the connection between these two words?

You will find out in the next lines.

The most beautiful synonym of youth is love. When you are young, you want to love and to be loved at each breath. This thing is all that really matters in this period.

Everything is love, white or black. But when there is love, everything becomes a smile, hope, and strength.

What worse can happen to one who loves and is loved?

Love can everything!

But love has a defect. It can not keep the rhythm of time and it has not adapted to the modernization. It has not managed to modernize, has remained the same feeling of “old fashion”, as one would say.

But love has a sister namely, gratitude.

They are always together, they esteem each other, and we should learn to cherish them as much.

We see thus, the subordination relationship between love, gratitude, specified at the beginning of this article.

There is so much power in gratitude. To love, it means you have to know to be grateful for what you have, for what you have received and for what you are able to offer.

The beauty of life comes from the magic of the word “thank you”. This word recalls  the love in the soul.

You are the most wonderful “child” when you add to this word a sincere smile. Let’s be always grateful! Let’s remember to thank smiling!

Who neglect the gratitude, make the love to suffer! But who knows the magic of the simple “thank you”, refreshes the love.

Love and gratitude – Youth without old age!

And so it is! Because the gratitude gives to the love “youth without old age”!

Therefore, regardless of the alert rhythm of the world, we should not forget to love, full of gratitude, to remains always young people and to never getting old.