Do not lose your hope

Lose Hope
Do not lose your hope

We all perform our work more efficiently when we perform it with hope so do not let the lose hope

A double hope…

The hope that tomorrow could be better than today…both for us and for others…

Also, we must be obedient in hope and persevering in action.

We must have hope that nothing will be lost between the acts of love that we can perform daily.

Our work must be constantly illuminated by prayer to God.

The hope does not mean to dream the impossible but to reap the first fruits.

When we look at the wheat how it grows, we think that tomorrow we will have bread.

When we forgive, we think that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

When we listen the word of the Gospel, we believe that God gives us life forever.

Having no hope is perhaps the gravest crime which a man can commit, because having no hope is the most direct curse at God’s goodness.

If we lose hope we deny the God’s love, his mercy, his infinite goodness.

Therefore, regardless if in life we have won or we have lost, we should never stop, we have to continue to fight in hoping that everything we want will come true someday, through the will of God.

We can hope in everything because life itself is a hope!

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