Through Your suffering, Lord

Lord Suffering
Your suffering

Lord Suffering

  • Through Your suffering to death, help us to control more our words, to not be indifferent and cold to those around us and to not condemn others unjustly.

Help us to discover and to meet God in others.

  • Through the taking of the cross on Your shoulders, help us to carry with joy the cross that is given to us.

It is definitely meant for me and anyone else.

  • Through Your first fall under the weight of the cross, help us to have patience with us and with all those who become discouraged.
  • Through the meeting of Your pained mother, help us that others to be able to see in us, Mary, your pained mother.
  • Through the help of Simon of Cyrene in carrying the cross, help us to become for others, persons who care about their worries and problems. Teach us to become a true Simon, who helps others to carry the cross.
  • Through the wiping of Your face with Veronica’s veil, transform our hearts, heal them self to recognize the misery and the suffering to those who are close to us.
  • Through Your second fall under the weight of the cross, teach us to accept and understand that our suffering and lifts can become a blessing to others. Do not ever allow me to say “enough is enough”.
  • Through the caress of women from Jerusalem who was crying, help us learn from you what it means to truly strengthen the others. Discover us ways, through we can make visible to others Your caress love.
  • Through Your third fall under the weight of the cross, help us to find confidence and help to acquire sufficient powers so as to rise again. Teach us to understand that we should not take everything in our hands, but we just have to trust that He surrounds us with His merciful love.
  • Through the undressing of Your clothes, help us to fight for the honor of others, but to succeed to remain ourselves calm, quiet when we are not receive the attention and recognition expected.
  • Through Your crucifixion on the cross, give us the necessary force to bear the “nails” received in our lives.
  • Through Your death on the cross, help us to have the courage to tell you in prayer: “Deliver me from my ego, if it stands in the way of genuine love!”
  • Through Your taking from the cross, help us to accept and wear our sufferings patiently.
  • Through Your funeral, Lord, teach us to trust that God can never be wrong, that at God does not exist random things.

Through Your suffering, Lord, help us to reach the perfect and eternal happiness.
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