The art of living

Living Art
The art of living

The living art, the essential art of life

The living art is the ability to classify as correctly as possible, the priorities of your own life.

Worldwide there are many authors who have studied the art of living.

But today, I am going to stop on the research carried out by Osho on this principle.

Thus, I will quote few representative lines of his book “The Maturity – The responsibility to be yourself”:

“The man is born to succeed in life, but everything depends on him.

He may also fail, passing through life without understanding any of it.

He can to breathe, to eat, to grow old and to go to the grave, but this is not life, it is a slow death.

Life should be a search, not a desire; not an ambition to become this or that, the president or the prime minister of a country, but a search to find out “Who am I?”

And the beginning of life is to discover your being.

Then every moment is a new discovery, every moment brings you a new joy.

Life is very simple, it is a joyful dance.

And the whole earth could be full of joy and dance, but there are people who have all the interest that no one should enjoy life, that no one not to smile, who say that life is a sin, it is a punishment.

I tell you that life is not a prison is not a punishment. It is a reward and is given only to those who have earned it, who deserve it”.

Reflecting intensely on these lines, I would like to ask you a question.

Have you earned your life?

If yes, live it as such, enjoying every moment.

If not, fight till the end to earn it, without having to consider some victims of this world.

Therefore, study more concepts that have as subject the art of living, to better understand your own life.

Be dignified and full of life every day!

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