The acceptance of your own limits

Limits Acceptance
Your own limits

Limits Acceptance – Always accept your own limits.

Deterrence is a phenomenon that has invaded the whole of humanity.

But why should we allow it to invade our own person?

If you feel threatened by this phenomenon, become more aware of the important role that each of us has in this universe.

Thus, in order to feel good in our own skin, we have to know to accept our own limits.

Surely we do not have all the skills in the world, but we must learn to develop better the ones that we have.

What do you know about Limits Acceptance?

To develop our own talents, rather than to envy the others.

Why should I complain that I am not a musician when I excel in manual labor?

Why should I complain that I can not speak in public when I am appreciated for my availability to listen?

Not having confidence in your own person is equivalent to the rejection of the limits of the human condition.

To succeed in life, in our own abilities, we must be prepared also, for a possible failure.

Most champions know that they do not get from day to day on the highest step of the podium.

To prevail, it is essential to resume the fight after a defeat.

Therefore, we must learn to discipline our mind so that we can live more intensely the present moment and to not leave us comprised of panic about the future.

We must accept us as we are and to fight to become increasingly better from where we are.

All the best!



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