Life rainbow – it is not only a metaphor well structured, but a reality created by us, but not under the influence of the sun and the rain, but by our own elections and experiences.

Indeed, perhaps at first glance may seem bizarre to believe that there can exist a life rainbow. It exists, but unlike of standard rainbow, we can shape it form and we can pick the colors.

Life itself is full of colors, so we have the opportunity to compare it with a rainbow. However, we must not throw in them. It is necessary to test each color separately, just so, we can consider that we acquired experience.

Life acquired every day a different color, a different sense. Mixing two colors, we get a new shade, but when there is a third color, spoil everything.

So it is in life.

Often, we tend to live many experiences suddenly several moments, synchronized wrong, and so we believe that life has something with us. When in fact, we are the ones who make mistakes, by the way in which we alternate the moments and the experiences of life.

The life rainbow represents your own life, which must be lived with good and bad. If in the present moment, your life is gray, you have the right, the power and the wisdom to color it exactly as you want.

Nobody has the right to stop you from doing this. Life does not mean only those aspects which limit your wish and enthusiasm for life.

It gets to be a rainbow when you understand that you have to live each moment as you desire and to plan it knowingly according to your own expectations. These being said, I hope you understand the rainbow meaning, in life.

Life is like a rainbow only when we choose to believe this.

A life full of colors!

“The smile is the rainbow of tears”