Less means more

Less means
Less means more

Remember that Less means more.

I think we are all agreed that we ca not do anything good if we are too busy.

Who has no time for anything, does nothing.

The Pareto principle 80/20 can be easily applied in life.

According to it, 80% of consequences are caused by 20% of cases.

Thus, 20% of the activities that we do, bring us 80% of the welfare and happiness.

The remaining activities, lead us rather to the wasting of energy, without having a major impact on our happiness.

Wisdom consists in distinguishing the important activities for our life and to focus on them.

The only ones who have a quiet life, are those who make time to think, to meditate and to read.

So, they give the wisdom of all epochs, to the current one.

Therefore, the focus on good habits, love, the practice of virtues and the science of living, will bring us a deeper life.

In life, less means more!

All the best!


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