The difference of your “journey”

journey difference

Journey Difference… 🙂

Today, we have come to live in a world founded on a certain pattern, a world that builds increasingly more standard patterns, determining us all to adopt the same style, the same direction.

But what happens if we take the decision to deviate from this standard pattern of current world?

What happens if we risk opposing against the majority and decide to be different, following another direction?

It is possible to be marginalized, removed, but isn’t more priority our personal ideal?

What power does the marginalization over me, if everything that I operated, defines me and makes me happy?


Do not be afraid about your journey difference!

If we see that our intellectual capacity is different, if we believe that our values are distinct, we have every right to decide over our own lives, whether they are or not conform to the standards imposed by society.

You do not accept my dears to join to the world journey devoid of ideals and values, only to respect some rules.

Respect your own ideals and values, create your own herd, even if you risk that it to be composed only of yourselves.

Build your own universe of the journey, points the difference, live dignified and aspire to the fulfillment of all your dreams.

Don’t be afraid to say “no” if this is what you really feel, go ahead being proud of what you are.

It’s hard to make a different journey, but not impossible.

It’s hard to be marginalized and to supports all kinds of prejudices, but we have to be strong.

We risk more losses, but more fulfilling spiritual.

Create the life that you believe you deserve it and do not let to be molded after a collective pattern of the society.

In conclusion, think always what you deserve, what you feel like, struggle to be unique, not some clone.

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