International day of happiness

happiness day
Day of happiness

Happiness Day, a sublime feeling and extremely special….

Today, March 20, we celebrate the happiness!

But we have to be happy just today?

No…, we don’t need a specific day to be happy, to celebrate the happiness…

We have to be happy every day…

Today, being the international day of happiness, our duty is to celebrate it in a special way, by making something new and different in its honor…

Otherwise, I invite you my dears, to celebrate the happiness in every day of our lives because the obligation of everyone on this earth is to be happy!

I would like to ask you something.

What is happiness?

How do you perceive the happiness?

I invite you to give an answer…

Would you like to know how I see happiness?

That full spiritual fulfillment, in which I have no real or imaginary care and I feel that everything is perfect…

That moment in which I feel that I have everything, regardless of the situation…

That moment in which the evils of those around me do not affect me anymore…

So, I see happiness!

I invite you my dears to be happy, to not let us overcome by the problems, to keep our head up, and to transform always every attempt of our life into a step towards our ultimate happiness!

Be happy every day, because, as stated Leo Tolstoy, happiness is pleasure without regrets!

A wonderful day!

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