Journey to the country of contradictions, India

India Journey 2015
Country of contradictions

With joy, I want to introduce you today a new tourist destination, a new culture, a new tradition – India Journey the country of contradictions.

Travel means life, discover new cultures means the development of your own life.

Travel like stars travels through the universe!

Officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia, having a coastal area with a total length of 7,000 km.

India is a country of contradictions because it is a place which imposes through its heat and misery, for then to impress you through culture, mystery and its landscapes.

The chaos of the cities can attract you or on the contrary to seem repulsive to you.

Most tourists who visit India, are coming here in search of new spiritual experiences.

They are coming to find and to balance themselves in terms of spiritually.

Yoga, Ayurveda are just some of the spiritual experiences that you can try.

Ayurveda means the science of life and is known as a method of restoring the inner balance.

This method and many others, attract annually thousands of tourists in India.

The cities of India are a perfect combination between old and modern.

The capital city, New Delhi, is the best example in this sense.

Also, it is considered the main cultural centre of the country, with numerous monuments, museums, temples and historical sites.

The metropolis of Mumbai is the pillar of the development of modern India.

Here you can see the India Gate, an arch 26 metres high, built between 1911-1921, to commemorate Queen Mary.

Moreover, India has around 100 km of beach with the finest sands.

India’s isolated beaches are a perfect place for relaxation.

They allow otherwise, the sustaining of recreational activities, an option for the tourists willing of relaxation and sun.

The restaurants, clubs and hotels are very cheap, which can determinate you to plan your next holiday in India.

Thus, taking into account the above, it can easily ascertain that India represents a unique destination for relaxation and rest.

Discover a new culture, a new world, India Journey.

Have a nice trip!

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