A life without landmarks – an illusionary journey without a destination.

Starting from this premise, I can say that life is like a journey by plane in which everything it happens with an amazing speed.

In a few moments, you are at the end of the journey. And if during the flight you look out on the window and you find no landmark, you have the impression that the aircraft is just moving.

When you have no landmarks in life, it is difficult to realize the way in which you go toward the final destination.

Life without landmarks turns into an illusionary journey!

Many times, in particular when we are young, life seems us an eternity which is regenerating every morning. We delude ourselves every day that, we still have time, that after today comes a tomorrow in which we will be able to do everything and so on.

But it is incredible the speed with which passes this “today” with which passing the time, the vacation, the life.

Yes, life passes so fast that daily we have reasons to analyze our evolution. What have I realized with my life? What plans I have for tomorrow with my life?

That tomorrow that seemed so far, is now, here, just a few hours away.

Let’s try to not let the life and time to delude us, giving us the feeling that they do not pass, that we still have time, that we are too young to care about tomorrow.

It is true that according to the Bible, “Reach each day its own troubles, and that tomorrow will take care of itself”, but this does not spare us from the obligation to have a life project, to know what we want to do with our life, to have a landmark by which to orient us.

And in order to succeed, we need God, which is not an illusion, which does not deceive us, but which remains the example of life by excellence.

Thus, a life without landmarks represents an illusionary journey, but a life built on clearly defined landmarks can turn into the wisest journey.

Therefore, to live our life, by those landmarks that can turn us into successful people.