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Valentines Day
February 14, 2015
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February 16, 2015

Human shyness

Human shyness

Human shyness

Have you ever been shy?

Have you ever faced with a situation in which, its complexity, to disturb the entire universe of your own life?

I’m sure that each of us has been throughout its life, at least once in a situation like this.

But, represent shyness a fault, a disability, a disease?

Certainly not!

Why, will you ask…Why?

Because, from my point of view, shyness is just a particular way to act, a particular way of perceiving things, to interpret them, a special manner to integrate into society.

Indeed, it is possible that at a certain moment, shyness to limit our evolution because the society formed a standard pattern of recruitment.

When we don’t obey the rules imposed by the society, we risk to not be selected and, therefore, eliminated.

Addressing me all those whom, shyness it has created problems in certain circumstances of life, I’d like to point out a few things.

Don’t you ever give up, follow your intuition, even if you’re shy, fulfill your dreams, create your own road and give yourself a purpose in this world.

In most cases, it is better to be shy, to talk only when you have something important to say and to offer concise answers, worthy of praise, than to talk more, without a purpose and without express clearly something concrete.

Therefore, do not assign the human shyness the role of a negative feature of life, because even so, everything that is considered to be a bad thing, it is for the benefit of the person concerned.

Assume your own life, with good and bad, your own style and way of being.

Thus, in any life situation, express yourself always just as you feel.

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