Holy Week debut – 2015

Holy Week
Holy Week

As for some of the Christians in the world, today begins the Holy week, I thought to enchant your hearts with some profound words.

I wish that through these, the meditation to be deeper and the joy of the Resurrection, greater.

Why do you wear the burden of so many doubts?

My word is eternal on earth and in heaven

I can give you the power when you’re in pain

Wait with faith because I give the victory

For I and no one else is your salvation

Why do you wear the burden of so many despairs?

Why do you lose your patience when you know that I am watching?

O… tell Me everything and down to My cross

I call you to leave your burden, whatever it would be…

Why do you often fall, defeated by concerns?

And fears after fears when you pass through attempts?

When I’m over all and everything is Mine?

When you are in my hand, and I am God?

I am Jesus the Messiah, I defeated the bondage

I have defeated the death, I can protect you

I’ve chosen you from the world, I have called you by name

And if you remain in Me, through Me you overcome.

I wish you a blessed Holy Week and full of joy!

Italian Version

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