About happy life

Happy life
Happy life

We all want to have a happy life…

Aristotle said that “Happiness is the sense and the purpose of our life, the only meaning and purposefulness of our existence”.

But when we think about what makes us a happy life and how we can gain more easily a happy life, we looked upset and we do not know which way to choose.

But to succeed in this goal we should establish the target first, and then to think about how to achieve it.

In life, the ways most beaten are the most deceitful.

It is good to seek what is best to do, and not what is more usual.

Happiness comes from within, pleasure comes from external things.

Pleasure is wonderful, but it is just for the moment.

Happiness is something else, is a state that you create deliberately.

It is a decision and an act of will.

Therefore, we cannot control external events, but we can control how to approach these situations, we can control our mood, and if we manage that, then definitely we will achieve the happiness.

Happy Life to you all.

All the best.

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