Here and now

Happiness Presence
Here and now

Happiness Presence – Here and now… Often we do not realize how fast the time passes and we feel that some moments are stolen while others simply get lost.

But it is important to realize that every second that passes is one in which we can change the course of our life.

We are so focused on the future that we forget to live today.

We work restlessly to the fulfillment of our dream, we do not attach too much importance to those around us, without realizing that the really important moments are lost forever.

It is good to appreciate every moment, every gesture.

So, let’s try to make our life more enjoyable, removing any unnecessary care.

No good does not help us if we are not prepared to lose it.

The loss of a thing can help us to become stronger, to catch more courage and to ask for more.

Therefore, let’s combine the time with action and let’s not let obstacles, to break us.

In life, the possibilities are endless, so anytime we can choose another way.

With these thoughts, I wish you to start a week more prosperous, full of joy!


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