The Golden Gate Bridge – the pearl of the city San Francisco.

Today, I invite you in a walk on the famous bridge Golden Gate in San Francisco.

But, the walk may become more interesting knowing the general information about this famous bridge.

Located in the west of the United States in the state of California, it was inaugurated on 27 May 1937.

On the first day, called “The day of pedestrians”, the bridge has been opened only to the pedestrians being crossed by about 200 000 people.

With an opening of 1 280 m, the Golden Gate Bridge connects the city of San Francisco by Sausalito town, being situated over the Golden Gate Strait, which makes the connection between the Pacific Ocean (to the West) and the San Francisco Bay (to the East).

The bridge has a total length of 2 737 m and has become famous by the fact that it was the first huge suspended construction on over 150 m above the water level.

It has become an outstanding symbol of the city San Francisco, being often identified with the liberal spirit of this influential Californian city.

The Golden Gate Bridge was built from donations because at that time the USA was in a deep economic crisis, known as the Great Economic Recession.

A long period of time, the suspended bridge was the longest in the world, the suspended part measuring 2 332 meters.

The highest pillar of support has 227 m and the thickness of the main cables is 92 cm.

The bridge weighs 887 000 of tons and for its realization were used over 600 000 of rivets.

The famous color “International Orange” was originally used as insulation for the bridge.

Many locals have persuaded Morrow to paint the bridge with vibrant orange color, and this color is preserved since then.

Therefore, the Golden Gate represents one of the most emblematic symbols of America, present almost always in the collages of images which shows the lifestyle over the Ocean.

It is not surprising considering the fact that this bridge is the first image that comes to our mind when we think about San Francisco.

These being said, please do not hesitate to visit this bridge when you will have the opportunity, please do not hesitate to take it to the step, because the experience will prove to be unique and inspired.