My gaze is not always clean

Eyes gaze

Eyes gaze is not always clean, but we can try to turn it into an honest gaze and correct. Unfortunately, we do not have the absolute power over our thoughts and desires.

It can happen sometimes, unexpectedly, to wish a certain person which we meet on the street or with which we are talking, being seduced by its beauty.

These spontaneous movements of our sensitivity do not constitute a sin, in order that are involuntary, but depends on us to control them.

In the case in which we will leave them to advance, they will populate more and more our imagination.

They will also attack the delicacy of our relations with the others and maybe in one day these thoughts will determinate us, to do acts contrary to our consciousness.

But if you do not have an absolute power on our imagination, we are however the masters of the gestures of our body.

A frequent renewal of the decision to never cross on the facts will greatly contribute to our spiritual health.

When in our mind is born a dirty desire, it may be appropriate to say ourselves the following words: “Do not waste your time imagining an act of which you decided once and for all, to not let yourself comprised by it”.

This decision, however, is not enough.

It is necessary to learn to domesticate our own gaze, to keep up our eyes gaze under the direct control of the will.

It all depends on us, if we are participating or not at that show if we read or not that magazine.

We are free to watch more at an indecent image or to control our eyes gaze. If we want to encourage the eyes chastity, we have to get used to privileged always the face of those whom we meet.

Meeting their gaze, we feel in the front of some people which expect our respect.

There can be no love genuine human, without reciprocity, without the contemplation of the face of the other!

Eyes gaze must always be clean!

Therefore, let’s try to have always a sincere and Christian gaze, which can provide us only, unique and memorable life experiences.