Your future begins today – here and now

Future begins today
Future begins today

The future begins today – not tomorrow!
Your future, for which sometimes you are so stirred and frightened, sometimes too quiet, in other words indifferent, begins today.

Most of the times, you have let to pass days, months and years, in which the future did nothing else than to wait for you.

It has waited for you, to meet now and to begin today. To begin today to work on your future, starting with the grandest work, namely, happiness.

How much peace should flood your being, knowing that for the construction of the future, you have on your side a Mighty God, which will never let you alone or discouraged?

He is the one who tells everybody: “I know the thoughts that I have toward you, thoughts of peace, not of evil, as to give you a future and a hope”.

To be young and to live as if you have no future, or as your future would be already “insured” – namely to live without doing anything, it is the delusion sold by those who have emptied the “Christmas” of God.

They know that a Christmas without God is the surest way to steal man’s future and the hope of salvation.

Thus, we can realize why the future begins today!

Today, we want to give back on God to the Christmas and to fill our life with hope and happiness.

The Divine Child which will come will release us of indifference, fear, arrogance, attitudes that prevent us from the building of our future, of our happiness.

The birth of the Lord is the “moment of grace,” which will bring us out from the indifference toward our future and the world.

He releases us from the arrogance of an assured future and, hugging us powerful, he whispering us: “Do not be afraid! I am with you like a Mighty God. I do not give you only a Happy Christmas, but a happy life!”

Therefore, we can see that God removes the indifference from our life, giving us the chance and the power to build us a future in accordance with his plan for us.

The future begins today, not tomorrow! Never forget this!