The friendship, the most precious treasure

The friendship, the most precious treasure
The friendship, the most precious treasure

The friendship, the most precious treasure in the universe.

I want to start this article with a quote known to all namely that “Who has found a friend has found a treasure”.

How much truth there is in this quote, but how many of us have indeed found such a treasure?

How many of us assume the role of treasure in a friendship?

We know what friendship really means?

Friendship means to accompany the other’s life from a tacit foundation.

True friendships do not need to be explained, they take place and that is all.

Before to consider a friend on someone, let the time to put him to the test to see how he reacts in front of us.

We must learn to cultivate the real friendships because friendship is one of the most valuable gifts that a person can have and can give.

It is very difficult to live without friends, but it is equally difficult to build true friendships.

We are so accustomed to pursuing just our self-interest that not even friendship does not get rid of our selfishness.

Let’s build friendships that to become miracles for our life.

St. John Chrysostom said that “Even if you have thousands of treasures, however, nothing could be more valuable as a true friend. You enjoy seeing on your friend, you become happy. I am talking here about real friends, about friends who love with affection. “

We should not be satisfied with superficial and transient relationships.

To seek to provide with sincerity our friendship.

The best way to find a true friend is to be ourselves such a friend.

Let’s be indulgent with the friend who wrongs, let’s accept his limits and his fragilities and to help him to grow.

Let’s not forget that it is easy to dry the tears of a friend, but it is harder to sit in the public and to acclaim him without jealousy in the moment of success.

The friendship, the most precious treasure, because only who has found a true friend has found a real treasure.

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