France travel, a dream destination

France travel
France travel

The list of perfect destinations for a dream vacation is infinite. Our suggestion is a France travel.

So, today I would like to recommend you France, a country from Western Europe.

France, with its capital at Paris, it borders with Belgium and Luxembourg to the North-East, with Germany and Switzerland to the East, Italy and Monaco to the Southeast, and with Spain and Andorra to the Southwest.

France is a big name in world history.

French culture is extremely rich and old, which gives it the state of dream destination.

Paris or the city of lights was always an important artistic and cultural centre, being the town with the most cultural sites in the world (museums, palaces, buildings, etc.).

However, France travel means much more than Paris.

Further, I will present you the most important tourist destinations that you must include on the list of your next holiday in France.

  • The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Symbol of both Paris and France, the Eiffel Tower is the most important reference point.

Today it is considered to be one of the wonders of the modern world, offering breath-taking views.

  • Notre Dame, Paris

Cathedral “Our Lady” was made famous worldwide by Victor Hugo with his “Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

Sample gorgeous of Gothic architecture, The Notre Dame Cathedral is a sight which should not be missed.

  • The Louvre Museum, Paris

The Louvre is probably the most famous art gallery in the world, hosting more works of art than any other museum in the world.

  • Versailles Palace

Paris does not own just tourist attractions.

Near the French capital is the Versailles palace, the home of crowned heads.

  • The Bayeux and Normandy beaches
  • Rocamadour, Occitan

To the south of Paris is Rocamadour, with its spectacular gorges and cliffs, through which passes a tributary of the River Dordogne.

  • Cannes, French Riviera

French Riviera is the favorite destination of the wealthy people around the world, here are exotic beaches, so were built luxury hotels, restaurants and places of entertainment, hardly found in other parts of the world.

  • Lourdes, Pyrenees

There exist today an underground Basilica with 20.000 seats, receiving annually about five million of faithful come in pilgrimage.

  • Lyon, world capital of gastronomy
  • Besançon, Franche-Comté, a perfect destination for those who really want to know the history of the territory of France.

Therefore, choosing France as a tourist destination, you will find a series of unusual things and places and you will remain with some unforgettable memories.

Thinking of these beautiful locations from France, I wish you a great day and a unique weekend!

To have part of all that is beautiful and unique!

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