Find time

Find time
Find time

Time is one of the concepts of philosophy. You can find time for everything if you want.

Time is a measure of the duration of events and has different meanings depending on the context in which it is defined.

In philosophy, the time is defined as an uninterrupted flow, irreversible, which flows only in one direction.

It is, therefore, a continuous flow in which events succeed from the past through the present to the future.

However, an exact definition of time is difficult to determine.

But we can transform the world we live through the time that we have.

We must give value to every moment and to not waste the unique opportunities of our life.

Most of the time, the smallest occasions are the key to the biggest achievements of life.

We need to value the time we have and, to divide it more exactly for make whatever we want.

Lack of time is a major problem of the contemporary world, however we need to find time for anything.

We have to find time to reflect, because it is the source of strength.

We have to find time to play us, because it is the source of youth.

We have to find time to read, because it is the foundation of knowledge.

We have to find time to dream, because it is the road that leads to the stars.

We have to find time to love, because it is the real joy of life.

We have to find time to be happy, because it is the music of our soul.

Every minute that God offers to us is an appropriate time to spread the good, the joy and the confidence.

You do not expect that all of these to come on their own, spreads them out yourself from your heart.

The valorisation of your time is the most precious gift that you can make for the mankind, the most precious gift offered to God.

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