Everything that comes into our life comes from us

Everything Comes
Our life

Everything Comes in our life depending on us how we accept all this.

Our life is the sum of our decisions and actions, our life is the result of our thoughts.

We hear increasingly more often like to have a nice life and thrive, we must think positive.

But how many of us believe in the immediate effect of these thoughts?

Let me ask you one question…

What prevent you to think positive?

A certain result may be the same regardless if you are optimistic or pessimistic, but the optimists are feeling better…

So, why we did not believe in the miraculous effect of positive thoughts?

Everything we think, positively or negatively, we attract into our lives.

If you currently have a thrive life, is the result of your positive thoughts, if unfortunately you have a life, less thrive, is the result of your negative thoughts.

Therefore, in order to justify more intensive, the title of the today’s article, I will end with a little story.

“It was once a hawk, which overfly the landscape in search of prey. He feels strong, free and menacing, he sees and dominates everything.

But when it is expected less, a hidden hunter shoot an arrow that pierces it.

Deadly wounded, the hawk feels the end close, his wings stop the knocking and close, helpless.

While collapses, he looks at the killer arrow and sees it wing, made from hawk feathers.

And then, even before he died, he says:

  • Why would I cry? Everything comes upon us, comes from us!”

Reflecting on these last words of the hawk, I wish you a wonderful Sunday, full of positive thoughts.


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