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January 13, 2015
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January 18, 2015

The Religion of Europe

Europe Religion

Europe Religion

From the perspective of an incipient article of this category, we’d like to stop a little at the present state of religion in the European continent, so controversial over the years.

If we report at France, the teaching of religion in schools are prohibited, in Italy and Romania, are limited to being only an optional course. If we were to look a little at the situation of Greece, here the school classes begin with a prayer, in the Netherlands, its role is only to science.

In England and some German places, religion is a compulsory subject.

Thus, the findings regarding the situation of the religion presentation in some of the European countries, we can see that its importance varies from country to country.

We can’t litigate these visions, we can only accept them and analyze them. has in the current category, the role to underscore the Christian vision of Europe and the main stars (places of worship), of each European country.

In conclusion, let’s travel through the universe, our dear readers, to discover the stars.

Do not forget, each of us is a universe in which are hidden buds of happiness

All the best, team

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