Envy – a cause of personal unhappiness


Envy – hatred of the superiority of another person.

Today, as you could see, I decided to approach a subject known to all, but little understood, namely, the envy.

Envy owns several definitions but they all have a common point, and that it is not good for the psyche and gradually poisons the soul, the mind, and the whole existence.

So today I want to approach this subject as a cause of personal unhappiness.

Makes us the envy unhappy? Yes, and to a great extent!

When we are honest, sometimes we are going to have feelings of sadness.

We live such kind of feelings when we notice that someone manages better than us in an area where we think we are very good.

We are tempted  to be envious when the efficiency of the others makes us lose prestige.

But we can try to overcome this sadness thinking that in life will always be the first ones and the last ones and would be illogical to always claim the first place.

Robert Schumann said: ” If all the musicians would like to be the first violin, would not longer be possible the formation of an orchestra.”

However, this kind of reflection is not enough to heal the sadness of the envious one.

To really enjoy the beauty of the rose, violet must be convinced that it is beautiful too.

These are the truths which allow us to overcome the envy temptation, assuring us that we will keep intact the value, even if the neighbor’s ability, seems to put us in the shade.

Most of the times, what is bothering us most is not the cleverness of the other, but the embarrassing impression that we do not mean too much in relation to them.

Often, the person dominated by envy does not reproach to the other, the success, but he becomes sad because he does not succeed so good as him.

This indicates that the envy cannot be overcome by a simple act of brotherly charity, but by eliminating from the first moment, the feeling of inferiority which poisons our heart.

In conclusion, envy means comparison.

If we get to compare ourselves with those around us, we are predisposed at envy. This is the result of conditioning by comparison.

When we will cease the comparisons, it will disappear.

We must learn that we are we, the others are the others, and every person is unique and incomparable because God has created us original, not carbon copies.

Envy is a cause of personal unhappiness. Freeing us from this feeling, we are making the first step toward overcoming the unhappiness in life.