Discouragement as a step toward development


We all faced discouragement at one point in our life, we have all fallen and we believed that we will remain there.

But it is not so, discouragement is a state present in the life of any man, at a time, but we must defeat it.

We must defeat it and to use it as a personal evolution stage.

We fall discouraging us, but we must rise, stronger and braver than ever.

We do not let us prey to discouragement because this is the most powerful poison.

We have to believe in something so strongly that we do not discourage us again.

But if this state will catch us at some point in the trap, to fight, to not remain there, to struggle to free ourselves and to learn a lesson from this stage of life.

The state of discouragement to represent for us a life lesson, a model of “so not”, to represent a step towards evolution.

Passing through a state like this, we graduate a test of life.

Therefore, we must fight relentlessly with such a state and to perceive it only as a step toward evolution and nothing else.

And remember, regardless of the circumstances, you do not be discouraged in life because everyone who got where they are now, had to start from where they were.


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