Tips on how to choose diplomacy in life


Diplomacy – the art of how to express your point of view.

In today’s article, I choose to give you some tips on how to choose diplomacy in everyday life.

Most of the times, life is about choices.

We choose to be good or bad, we choose to be friendly or less friendly, we choose to be diplomatic or too direct in the manner of expression.

Usually, there are two main ways of solving a problem: the force or the diplomacy.

It is not recommended that any problem, to be solved only by a quarrel.

Diplomacy can also be used to obtain a strategical advantage and to find an optimal solution for all parties involved.

But how to choose it more often?

  • To think before acting

Disasters may take place when we act without thinking rationally.

Before to let the words to escape us under control, let’s think about the consequences.

  • To focus on facts

In a diplomatic discussion, the emphasis placed on facts is very important.

The thinking that has as a starting point the prejudice, darken our judgment.

By choosing to focus on concrete facts, the correct conclusions will evolve.

  • To use a simple language, but effective

To avoid a concrete answer leads only to frustration, interrupt the discussions, and negotiations.

All we want to point out, to say it in a simple language, which everyone can understand.

  • To avoid aggression

Aggressive behavior leads only to conflicts.

It is very important to control our anger.

The aggressive behavior in moments that are not crucial, can lead to social disorder on the long term.

  • To be flexible

The diplomacy means flexibility and compromise.

The stubbornness leads nowhere.

We must be flexible in approaching a problem, a situation and to give up in front of the unimportant ones.

To choose the diplomacy is an essential ability for peace.

Not only the government officials must apply it in everyday life, but also the ordinary people.

The diplomacy reduces the stress and limits the unnecessary separations.

Let’s apply more often these tips regarding diplomacy, presented above, to make this world a better place.