The contemporary war

Contemporary war
Contemporary war

The contemporary war…

We are all agree that war means that armed conflict (of duration), between two or more States, Nations, human groups, for the purpose of economic and political interests.

But what do you think of “the war”, figuratively meaning, we go every day in the community in which we operate?

What do you think of the war that goes for power, for self-improvement, even if this involves violating human rights, of prestige and humanity?

There are people capable of anything to obtain a particular status.

There are people able to use all the arsenal of weapons to succeed, regardless of the means you should use for this purpose.

How does God perceive us, in this case? How do we perceive us, when we become armed soldiers in a fight for power, in violation of any regulation of human morality?

Thinking realistically my dear readers, what differentiates the modern age of that period when armed conflicts were the order of the day?

Indeed, we do not have guns, bombs, but we have pride, we have bullets in our words and in our way of being and to integrate into society.

We do so much harm, without being conscious of this thing, we offend, we impose through an unjustified authority, in front of some persons who are maybe at the beginning of the road.

If we have a certain superior function, we must be aware that we would not have had it if it would not be given from God.

Regardless of the position that we occupy in society, to give evidence of generosity, to give proof that we are sons of God.

Therefore, let’s illuminate the stars of the universe through our daily behavior, to be an example worth following in society.

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