The best Christmas markets in Europe

Christmas markets

Christmas markets – famous for the dreamy atmosphere with which welcomes its visitors.

Thus, as you have seen already, today I decided to delight you with an article about the magic of Christmas markets in Europe.

Whereas it is already Christmas, I thought that an article on this subject, it would be the most appropriate for those who have not yet decided about the perfect holiday destination.

This article also addresses to all lovers of beauty and to all those who want to be touched by the true spirit of the holidays.

The true spirit of Christmas means to cherish the peace, the goodwill and to offer compassion.

In fact, the true gift of Christmas is the joy.

These being said, forward I will present you the best Christmas markets in Europe.


Vienna is and will remain probably the most recommended city when it comes to the winter holidays.

It is a city that urges you to take your holiday clothes when you go out on the street.

During the holiday season, Viennese outdoor markets come alive, being crowded by tourists.

Probably the best-known is the market from the Rathaus. With a massive Christmas tree, as the centerpiece, approximately 140 stands, and many others, this market attracts annually over 3 million of visitors.


Prague is a fairytale city any day of the year, but when it comes to Christmas, then the Czech capital really shines.

A walk through Wenceslas Market is the only proof needed in this regard. The visitors of this Christmas market can stop at the wooden chalets for wooden toys, Christmas decorations, and more others.


German Christmas market is the spiritual home of all holiday traditions and nowhere in the German land, the Christmas market is not more alive than in Bremen.

Thus, along the banks of the River Weser, in the shadow of the medieval fortification of the city are located the german taverns with open fires.


With a length of 2 km with over 250 of chalets with all sorts of souvenirs of the season, plus a fair and a constellation of lights of Christmas, the market of Brussels is the most important event of the winter from Belgium.


Santa Claus is coming to town with true in Amsterdam, where you will find not only a Christmas market but 26! These are regular markets of the city, nicely trimmed, because, on holidays, Amsterdam comes to life, being full of tourists from the city center to the suburbs.

Top Attractions for visitors are the markets on Leidseplein and Museumplein, where the villages of the wooden chalets are waiting with consistent food and beverages for heating.

These being said, all these Christmas markets, are waiting for you!

So, do not hesitate to truly live the miracle of holidays through the magic of Christmas markets from Europe.