Sometimes it is better to choose indifference

Choose indifference
Choose indifference

The situations we face every day are different as our way of reacting to each of these situations, sometimes is better to choose indifference.

In some cases we can remain calm, in others we get angry, in others we can be indifferent, and in the worst cases we can resort to violence.

A conflictual situation is hard to manage especially when no matter what it might be or what we say, nothing is going to change.

I urge you to solve any problem in the limits of common sense, to ask forgiveness when you wrong and frankly assume any mistake.

But then when regardless of your willingness to solve a problem, to end a conflict, the opposite side did not give up on pride, and do not give up in favor of an agreement by common accord, choose the indifference.

It is best to choose sometimes the indifference in the case of the conflictual situations without any solution and to continue our lives smiling and loving.

Why should we remain irritated for a situation like this?

Why should we remain stuck in such a situation?

Why should we be sad forever just because we can not always be accepted by all people as we are?

Do you think it is worth?

Life is so beautiful, so begin to orient your thoughts to things that truly deserves.

Choose to be indifferent when there is nothing to do.

Do not plunge into silence and loneliness!

So you will not do anything else than to give satisfaction to others.

Be you, sometimes choose indifference, dignified of your life and your existence.

Have a beautiful and serene day!

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