Canberra Tourism, the city raised from zero to be capital

Canberra Tourism
Canberra Tourism

Canberra tourism, the kangaroos country, Australia offers numerous cities perfect for an unforgettable holiday.

Among these cities include Canberra, the capital city of Australia.

Canberra is a relatively young city, extremely well organized, with a modern architecture, with a very low level of pollution, enjoying one of the best public health systems.

Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s largest cities, have always been in a fierce competition.

The inhabitants of any of these cities have not been agreed with the idea that the capital to be established in the rival city, so that the solution has been Canberra, a city built specifically to be capital.

Australian authorities have decided to build a city from the ground, located between Sydney and Melbourne, planned by American architects Walter and Marion Griffin.

The capital is airy and carefully organized, enjoy modern buildings and many green spaces, impressive monuments and tourist attractions, as well as numerous museums.

Canberra construction began in 1913, following an international contest of design and development of the city.

Canberra is one of the least polluted cities in the world, the Australian capital being included in the ranking of cities with the best quality of life.

Canberra hosts the most important state institutions and headquarters of agencies and government departments.

A vibrant city with an incredible atmosphere of welcoming and warm, Canberra is revealed at every step.

Tourists come here with pleasure because there are many places to be explored.

Among the main attractions of the city include the National Museum of Dinosaurs, Beaver Galleries, Botanical Garden in Canberra, Craft and Design Centre, Reptile Garden etc.

Also, a holiday in Canberra should not end without some shopping, and in this regard I recommend you Canberra Centre, Garema Market or the shopping centres Manuka and Kingston.

A perfect morning in Canberra is the one in which you can awaken through a balloon flight.

This city has several hot air balloons and the look of the city from above will give you a unique panorama.

Also, here you can choose to dive in lakes, or for a boat ride.

Therefore, the city of Canberra Tourism offers a multitude of attractions designed to relax you in the next vacation.

However, those related does not represent all the reasons why you should opt for Canberra, once you are here, you will fall in love of this wonderful city.

Have a dream vacation!

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