Travel To the Blue Danube Vienna

Blue Danube
Blue Danube

Today, I invite you to visit Vienna the Blue Danube, the city of music…

The change that can induce you the discovery of a new city, a new culture, it is like the shine that a clear sky can induce to the stars.

Vienna, the metropolis of art and culture, is the capital of Austria, situated in the eastern extremity of it and crossed by the Danube.

Vienna, the capital of Austria is a small country, but with a strong economy.

Located in the heart of Europe, the city offers a mix of German confidence, Slavonic kindness and the southern taste for elegance and good mood.

Vienna’s climate is transitional, with maritime and continental influences.

From the economic point of view, Vienna is one of the most important business centers in the EU.

Vienna is a European city that invites us for fun, relaxation and enjoyment, through the culture it holds.

This beautiful city is a Mecca of classical music lovers, with the Vienna Philharmonic, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, and the Vienna Boys Choir.

Next I will present you the main places that you should not hesitate to visit, when the life path will lead you to Vienna…

  • Belvedere palace;
  • Albertina, one of the largest collections of graphic works in the world;
  • Spanish Riding School;
  • Museum of art history, with collections of European paintings, ancient art and coins;
  • Freyung Square, decorated with Austria fountain;
  • Charles Borromeo Church.

These are just some of the main attractions of Vienna because when you step on the territory of this country, many other attractions will welcome and delight you.

Do not hesitate any moment to travel, to discover new places, like Blue Danube because every aspect of a journey contributes directly or indirectly to your development as a person.

Be that traveller of the universe, always ready to discover and touch new stars seemingly intangibles.

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