Anthropology Museum, a place of adventure and discovery.

The Museum is a permanent institution, which deals with the collection, identification, preservation and exposure of various objects of interest from the scientific, historical, technological, artistic and so on.

All these in order to investigate, to educate, for visitors relaxation and for people of science.

You will ask why I have chosen to introduce you a definition of the museum.

Well, I took this decision because although we used to visit museums, few of us know which is in fact, the purpose of a museum.

And considering that for today I choose to present you the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, I will provide you also a definition of anthropology.

Thus, according to Dex, the anthropology is the science that studies the origin, the evolution and various physical types of man, in connection with natural and socio-cultural conditions.

Returning to the title of the article, National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City is a place that everyone wants to see.


Because it says everything about Mexican culture from its Asian origins until today.

It is the largest museum of Latin America and one of the largest anthropological deposits in the world.

Also, the building which houses it is a work of art.

The museum has 23 rooms arranged on two floors around a large rectangular courtyard which at the entrance has a roof supported by a single column fountain.

It is the pride of the city and as you will see the first attraction that appears in the list of tourist attractions at almost all hotels in Mexico City.

The museum is located on Avenida Paseo de la Reforma and contains the largest collection of ancient Mexican art and ethnographic exhibits of this country.

Moreover, the museum contains a room dedicated to Mesoamerican culture.

Anthropology Museum in Mexico City.

A place where are exposed the most important archaeological and ethnographic collections, still from the eighteenth century.

Therefore, if you want to become rich from a cultural point of view, and to relax at the same time, choose to visit the Museum of Anthropology.

Beautiful journeys everyone!

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