To accept our limits

acceptance limits
Accept our limits

In order to feel good in our skin, we must to be conscious about the acceptance limits.

Certainly I do not possess all the talents in the world, but I will develop the ones I already have than to waste time envy the others.

Why should complain that I am not a musician when I am very good in manual works?

Why should I be sad that I cannot talk in public while others appreciate my availability to listen?

The lack of confidence in ourselves is often related to the refusal of the limits of the human condition.

Instead, to waste your memory and imagination, you need to learn to discipline your mind, to live intensely the present moment.

The panic that encompasses us in front of the future will be replaced, of the quiet expectation of events.

Therefore, to accept our limits, in order to provide the possibility to the present moment, to surprise us in the most beautiful way possible.

A day full of achievements and be aware about the acceptance limits!

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